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  Nokia 7600


Nokia 7600


Key Features

Digital camera & video recorder

65,536 color display

WCDMA/GSM 900/1800 Dual Mode

Multimedia messaging

Music player for MP3 and AAC files

XHTML browser

Multimedia Player

Gallery - multimedia file storage

Bluetooth wireless technology, IR and USB connectivity


Music files as ring tones

Xpress-on™ Sleeves with new materials


Full Specifications

Dual Mode Operation

WCDMA and GSM 900/1800 networks
Automatic switching between bands and modes

Weight: 123 g (with Lithium Battery)
Dimensions: 87 mm x 78 mm x 18.6 mm, 103 cc

Display and User Interface

Bright active matrix TFT color display

65,536 colors

128x160 pixels

Graphical user interface

Built-in HF for speech, music, and polyphonic ringing tones

Three soft keys plus scroll key

Integrated Digital VGA Camera

Image/video resolution: 640x480/128x96

Self-time function (10 sec)

Video capture up to 15 frames per second

Phone display used as a viewfinder

29 MB dynamic memory for contacts, video clips, images, tones, messages, music files, add -on applications, calendar, and to-do notes.

Dedicated camera key for instant capturing of still images or videos

Digital Music Player

Digital Music Player for MP3 and AAC files

Music file download over-the-air or from a combatible PC via Nokia Audio Manager which is included in Nokia PC Suite

Listen with stereo headset or through internal loudspeaker on the Nokia 7600

MP3 and AAC files as ringing tones

High-Speed Data

Up to 57.6 kilobits per second in circuit-switched data networks

Up to 384 kilobits per second (downlink) and 64 kilobits per second (uplink) in WCDMA packet transmission networks

Multitasking: Take and send pictures while you talk



Bluetooth wireless technology

USB with Pop-Port™

Wireless phone connection to a compatible PC
Send/receive pictures, video clips, graphics


Combine video/picture, text, and voice into multimedia messages

Embedded e-mail client for Nokia 7600

Concatenated text messages, picture messaging

Voice Features

Voice dialing

Voice recorder

Integrated handsfree speaker


Advanced XHTML browser

WAP 2.0 over GPRS data in both GSM and WCDMA modes

Video Services

Video clip download up to 1.4MB
3GPP Streaming*


Pre-installed Java™ based games and applications

Downloadable Java™ applications, maximum download size 348kB per application


PC Suite for Nokia 7600 phone in sales package

Nokia Audio Manager for music file transfer from a compatible PC is included in PC suite for Nokia 7600 phone


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